QtFindReplaceDialog - Find/Replace Qt dialog


QtFindReplaceDialog is an implementation of a Find/Replace Qt dialog to be used in qt text edit based applications. A simple Find (only) dialog is also provided.

The dialogs can be used as a library, or simply by importing the sources into your own applications.

Project page

The project page for QtFindReplaceDialog is: http://qtfindreplace.sourceforge.net

The git repository for QtFindReplaceDialog can be found here: http://gitorious.org/qtfindreplacedialog/qtfindreplacedialog


You can use these dialogs in your applications either by copying the files in the dialogs directory, or by building the dialogs as library.

You can build the library by using qmake and then make. For instance, if you use a shadow build (which is reccomended), simply create a build directory and enter there. Then run

  qmake -recursive ../qtfindreplacedialog.pro

A running example, using the find and find/replace dialogs, can be found in the directory examples (this will be built also). You can take a look at the examples in the section Examples.

You can specify additional arguments for qmake, for instance, if you want to build the library statically use CONFIG+=static. Then, you can install it using make install, possibly by using a specific installation root:

  INSTALL_ROOT=$HOME/usr/local make install   


Here are some screenshots:


Find/Replace dialog in Gnome


Find/Replace dialog after a replace all operation


Find/Replace dialog in KDE


Find/Replace dialog in Windows XP


Find dialog


QtFindReplaceDialog is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL Licence.

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